Warning About “Breeders” Who Sell “Tea Cup” Chihuahuas

While there is a large demand for this so-called type of specific Chihuahua dog breed, we need to make the public aware that no such breed exists!

People who are selling “tea-cup” Chihuahuas and charging an exorbitant sum of money for such dogs, are merely providing you with a standard size Chihuahua that is not fully grown, or a chi that will remain as it is, because it is the RUNT of the litter.

If you are seeking a tea-cup Chihuahua then search no further – as this is a mythical creature, and does not exist!

The Chihuahua is a small breed of dog as most people are aware, and they can vary in size up to 2.8kg according to the written dog standard, and quite often Chihuahuas will exceed this weight. Chihuahuas come in two separate varieties – either a Long Coat or a Smooth Coat (in which we specialise in).

Furthermore to the claim of the mythical “tea-cup” Chihuahuas, while a 1kg Chi is very small – they will never, ever fit into a tea-cup.

Chihuahuas, like humans, come in many shapes, forms and weights. Just like any other breed of dog for that matter, a Chihuahua may grow bigger or smaller in size, and sometimes that has no apparent link to the weight and size of the puppy’s parents.

Of course, when a Chihuahua is born they are very small puppies, but even after 8 weeks of age, there is still no indication as to what size they will grow to.

The photos that you see on the internet of “tea-cup” Chihuahuas are actually photos of young puppies and they will grow bigger and not actually fit inside a tea-cup when fully grown. This is a common misconception, and indeed a blatant lie.

Very small Chihuahua puppies could quite possibly be that size due a nature of health problems during pregnancy. Other small Chi’s live long and healthy lives. Many of these potential health problems won’t be recognised until the puppy is older.

Sometimes new Chihuahua owners are shocked and saddened by the premature death of their smaller Chihuahua, or they are constantly bombarded with veterinary bills that keep piling up to keep their smaller Chihuahua in good health.

If you have any concerns regarding the health of your new puppy, sometimes it is best to wait and purchase your new Chihuahua when it is a little bit older at 4 – 6 months of age. At this point in time it will be clear of health issues and overall size of your newly adopted Chihuahua will be determined. However, this is still no guarantee, we can only do our best to provide you with the best possible fit for you and your family by a reputable and registered breeder – and that is something that we’re proudly all about.