Flirt (aka Let’s Flirt s Little)

Colour: Cream
DOB: 2013
Weight: 3.3kgs
Height: 23cm

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Flirt is a dog who just loves love.

She is incredibly affectionate and very protective. At the mere threat of danger she is alert and watchful. Occasionally she can be a little jealous with the other dogs (and sometimes my husband) however, it is always replaced quickly by her affectionate and warm personality.
Flirt is often found playing with the other fur babies, sitting beside me as I work or snoozing quietly in the sunshine. Flirt is an active dog, and enjoys playing with the other dogs and people.

She is very responsive to commands and has been raised in a very loving home, with children and other dogs. I cannot stress enough her affectionate and devoted nature.

She has had 1 litter.