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Flirt (aka Let’s Flirt s Little)

Flirt is a dog who just loves love.

She is incredibly affectionate and very protective. At the mere threat of danger she is alert and watchful. Occasionally she can be a little jealous with the other dogs (and sometimes my husband) however, it is always replaced quickly by her affectionate and warm personality.

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Cadbury (aka Lord Cadbury Jollybottom I)

Cadbury is a challenge at times.

He likes to think he is the king of the castle, and extremely brave.

His bravado all but melts away when confronted by any person or dog.

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Muffin (aka Snow White)

Muffin is a very excitable and affectionate Chi with loads of personality.

There is very little that doesn’t excite and make her happy. She is playful, cheeky, sometimes naughty and rates about 6.5/10 for activeness.

Her small stature means long walks can tire her. She loves to play with the other pups, is very sociable and enjoys the company of people and other dogs.

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