Cadbury (aka Lord Cadbury Jollybottom I)

Colour: Chocolate
DOB: 2014
Weight: 1.8kgs
Height: 16.1cm

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Cadbury is a challenge at times.

He likes to think he is the king of the castle, and extremely brave.

His bravado all but melts away when confronted by any person or dog.

His medals of bravery include :
– Barking at the mail man (from behind a bush)
– Barking at the cat (from the safety of the other side of the glass door)
– Attacking and killling multiple squeak toys
– Destroying an evil teddy bear
– Camoflage and hiding

His bravery awards cover for the fact that he loves affection and cuddles, enjoys the company of all our dogs (mostly) and has a great love for snuggling under the blanket on the couch/bed.

His small stature also means that long walks are too much for him, so little walks and playing on the beach is more than enough activity to exercise him.

Cadbury has sired 1 litter.